Parish Organizations

Church and School Organizations...

Parish Organizations

Church and School Groups and Organizations and Leaders . . . .

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Saint Mary Parish, Centralia, Illinois

St. Mary Church, School, and Courtyard

Saint Mary Church

St. Mary Church from the Courtyard, from where the rectory used to be.


The Courtyard south of the church with Stations of the Cross donated by sisters from St. Mary Hospital.


Mary looks over the flower garden in the courtyard.

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Centralia, Illinois
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St. Mary Parish Organizations


Organizations And Contact Numbers


Parish Office (618) 532-6291

Reverend Steven Pautler, Pastor (618) 532-6291


School Office, (618) 532-3473


School Board, (618) 532-3473


School PTO, (618) 532-3473


Pastoral Council, Pete Donnelly


Catholic Youth Ministry (CYM), Vicki Laquet, (618) 532-6291


Knights of Columbus, (618) 532-6291


Altar Sodality, Sally Tieman (618) 249-8101


Bereavement Committee, Jan Feig (618) 532-9687


Cemetery Committee, Anne Schwartz (618) 533-1632


Children's Faith Formation/PSR, Vicki Laquet, (618) 532-6291


Faith Formation Commission, Vicki Laquet, (618) 532-6291


Finance Council, Dr. Jerry Beguelin (618) 532-4768


Liturgy Commission, Bill Broda (618) 533-0148


Parish Life Commission, Vicki Laquet, (618) 532-6291


RCIA, Pete Donnelly (618) 532-4308


Small Christian Communities, Dolores Sanders (618) 533-1232


Social Justice Commission, Mary Ford, Co-Chair (618) 545-0762


Social Justice Commission, Tom Holle, Co-Chair (618) 532-4880


Stewardship Committee, Tina Suarez (618) 247-3332


Welcome Committee, Sue Gherardini-Pas (618) 533-1080




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